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Saturday, March 16, 2013

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Happy Birthday Sis Deq's Qienz & Cendol

On this special day, take my advice, make your life special, think positive, search happiness and love your sweet friend. I think I am your only sweet friend.
So…Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday sis Deq's Qienz

With lots and lots of love, I wish you another birthday of your life. You are the delight, a moment of pleasure and a source of joy in my life. Wishing You A Very Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday Cendol

You are in my heart, you are in my blood. How could I forget both of you and your birthday sis Deq's Qienz & Cendol. May you spend whole day with bless and joy.

Happy Birthday to both you... :)

3 sweet comments:

Chic Na said...

happy birthday semua. ;)

Sally Yatiey said...

Happy birthday buat blogger tersebut ;D hee

Deq's Qienz said...

tenkiu solehah..tima kaseh pnjatkan doa sedemkian..terharu sguh.insha allah smg kita smua mdapt berkat dan sntiasa dirahmati allah selalu.♥