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Monday, January 14, 2013

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How To Make A Gift : Handy Handphone Pouch

Assalamualaikum and hye everyone. Today, I think I wanna write an entry in English. Is it can? Ok, thank you. Actually today I want teach u how to make an easy gift you can make at home. I hope you can try it. Just simple one. Let's try it ya. Here we are :

What you will need

  • Some fancy cloth of your liking
  • Plastic letters or other decorations
  • Some thread and a needle

1. Measure the length and width of your phone. Using the measurements you have obtained, cut the cloth accordingly. You need two pieces of cloth. Do remember that the thickness of the phone is important. If it's a larger phone, allocate more stitching space for the cloth.

2. Stitch the two cloths together with a needle and thread. A bright coloured thread would make the pouch look more attractive.

3. Sew or glue the plastic letters and decorations onto the cloth. You can place the letters according to your fancy. For example, you can spell out your friend's name. It's all about how ccreative you can be, so go crazy with your ideas.

4. Voila! Your handphone pouch is ready to be presented to your friend.

Hope u can do it. Goodluck!

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Unknown said...

untung kalo kreatif ni..mcm2 boleh buat.. wahh.. ingat salah masok blog dah.. ingat masok blog ayuni.. haha.. :p

Mrs Velentine said...

nice solehah

kucing comel said...

leceh le buat mcm ni, kalo tuk org tersyg ok la hehe

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aReLaN said...

kalau rajin & kreatif boleh la nak buat.hehehe

lelamaisara said...

akak ni pemalas la solehah tak kreatif palk..hahhahaha

Deq's Qienz said...

kreatifnya dia..tlg wat tuk akk sama la..hehee

Miss N™ said...


Cik Ai said...

hebatt wehh :)

Wanieys a.k.a IbuQalief said...

kretip la solehah rajin plak tu :-)