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Thursday, December 20, 2012

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Why We Should Make A Blog?

There are several benefits of blogging some of them are:

1. Platform for the beginners

Blogging gives you a platform or a stage to start something in which you are interested. For example: you are interested in bodybuilding? Go for fitness tips.

2. Lower cost to start-up

It’s a cheaper way to start a business where you can manipulate your work and get revenue via ad’s or whatever your method is. If you are starting a blogspot via google then its free, the only expense will be purchasing template’s. In future kownleg will provide these templates for free.

3. Gives you stage to test yourself

Blogging is a stage which is free and so can give you a chance to show your abilities and expertise. And test yourself to make a decision in which topic you should take. For example: you like gymming, car racing, football and don’t know what to do, so with the help of blogspot you know where to enter.

4. Improves your writing skills

Whatever topic you take, you need a certain description or summary to write about your post. The more write the more you improve, in this way blogging improves your writing skills.

5. Improves your intellectual skills

A blogger will think about how to tackle other blog’s or how to compete other blog’s to own grip over that particular topic, this help’s the blogger to think in a higher level.

6. Make’s you a better communicator

Blogging in a sense makes you a better communicator, In a way when you write articles, you are actually communicating with the viewer’s and so from that perspective you are improving communication between you and other people’s.

7. Make’s you a better listener’s

In a blog you receive comments from other people’s and you hear their point of view, in this way blogging make’s you a better listener.

8. Problem solver

When you receive comments from other people of the problem’s they are having related to the topic, you tell them what to do. So blogging make’s you a problem solver.

9. Be an author

You know that you are a good writer, but you are confuse because you don’t know how to show your talent to the people. Blogging give’s you a chance to post article’s , if viewer’s like your work then publish a book and start your journey as a writer.

10. Fame

If you are creative, then you’ll get a better response from the visitor’s. With the good response there will be a rapid increase in your fame.

11. Mental Exercise

Exercising the brain through writing and learning will provide much needed exercise for the neurons. You will be amazed by what you will remember from participating in mental gymnastics provided by blogging activities.

12. Make Yourself a Better Researcher

Research can make your topic more informative and creative, so a blogger should research before posting anything. And with time you will be a better researcher.

13. Professional’s perspective

During blogging you will meet professional’s via research or comment box, they will give you much guidance related to your topic, depends upon your communication style.

14. Income (Possibly)

Generating income depends upon the type of work you do, for example: if you have a fitness blog, you can sell supplements and etc. Of them the most common source of generating income is ad’s. Well you cannot have ad’s that easily, it depends upon your traffic and the kind of work you do.

p/s : Which one are you? Actually I want to "Be an author".

13 sweet comments:

Miss Syahbanu said...

nice entry, same with me hehe

Unknown said...

masa mula2 berblogging sis xtau utk tujuan apa tau..sbb rasa suka2 lama2 dah tau utk apa...hihi... wahh..entri english...mcm ayuni pulok..ehehh

Mrs Velentine said...

sama mcm solehah juga

Nyue said...

nyue no.7 kot...huhuu....

Cikrosecute said...

akak sebab dah jadi surirumah hihihi tue yg berblog jugak tue...

Chic Na said...

mental exercise kot. :)

Abang Karu said...

alamak...x berapa nak faham la aku bahasa omputih nih heheee

aReLaN said...

saya blogging sebab saja suka2 menulis.hehehe

dieyna said...

hehe akak berblogging sebagai tempat simpan artikel yang bergna.. tapi lama2 jadi mcm jurnal diri akak sekeluarga pulak... hehe best

Wanieys a.k.a IbuQalief said...

akak belog sbb mula tu saja2 pastu mcm best plak skang ni sbg diari untuk qalief nanti hehehe

Unknown said...

cheqkaq mula-mula wat blog sebab teruja tengok pendapatan kawan2 hasil blogging cecah 4 skang dah tak penting sgt bg cheqkaq..sbb sronok kenal ramai orang kat sini..:)

dya nasir said...

dya dulu start berblog sbb putus cinta.hahaha

mummyrinazone beauty said...

memula start berblooging sbb sukakan info2 penyusuan..nak simpan banyak2 info penyusuan susu ibu n banyak2 info ttg baby n anak2..banyak ker info breastfeeding,pumping n skang campur2...n kalau bleh kaut ilmu semuanya esp tentang perkongsian agama islam..