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Sunday, October 7, 2012

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Tips : 10 Things You Need To Know Before Marriage

  • Marriage : A captive of love and protection. A beautiful relationship which you should have with your spouse.
  • Attention : Show an interest in your fiance. Playing hard to get is unislamic.
  • Reciprocate : Ladies like from their husbands, what their husbands like from them. Example : Show your spouse appreciation and overlook each others minor errors. Encourage each other. 
  • Stinginess : Don't be stingy with your character and attitude, example : what ever will affect the relationship needs to be discussed with each other before the marriage.
  • Future : Marry someone who is always looking ahead and preparing for the future. Are they only concerned about the wedding day or about life after marriage. You need to marry a strong planner, someone who has goals. Someone who is responsible and knows what they want in their life. When someone has this futuristic quality, they are putting aside their own desires and needs. They know how to prioritise in order to make their marriage work.
  • Family : Marry a person who is family oriented, because then he/she will definitely take care of you. How do you figure this out? Look at their relationship with their parents, relatives, friends, etc. 
  • Emotion : Women are created from a curved rib. Therefore, they feel more emotional than men. So how will you be able to deal with this? Are you going to be the supportive spouse? This is what you should be looking for. Make sure you find someone who has a good & strong listener and won't just instruct you to do this this and this. This will result in a happy and blissful marriage. 
  • Character : Character defines you. It is the ultimate beauty of a person. Look for a person who is mature and thinks responsibly. 
  • Sensitivity : Marry someone who is sensitive to your wants & needs, emotions & thoughts, family & friends. i.e. the person cares about you and always looks out for you and wants to help you. Contrary to this is someone who has an anger problem in such a way that they are overpowering.
  • Deen : There is no beautiful character unless you have deen.

Are you ready for marriage? Ready to say yes, find out and receive. Good Luck... :)

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