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Friday, February 1, 2013

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Baby And Me Full Movie

Release Date :
14 August 2008

Origin :
South Korea

Genre :

Director :
Kim Jin Yeong

Starring :
Jang Geun-seok, Kim Byeol, Park Myeong-soo, Kim Jeong-nan, Jang Jeong-hee, Choi Jae-hwan, Kim Hae-yeon, Kim Hae-yeon, Joo-ho, Jeong Min-seong, Jeong Gyoo-soo, Ko Gyoo-pi.


“Baby & Me” is a straight up comedy centered around Geun-seok Jang’s character, Joon-soo, becoming a sudden father. In the movie, Joon-soo is a tough 19 year old high school kid that loves to cause trouble. He often gets in fights, once with 17 other guys, but always comes out as the victor. Then one day Joon-soo’s parents decides to go out of town. Joon-soo decides then and there to throw a party at his parent’s home. He then goes shopping for groceries and comes upon an unexpected surprise. A little toddler sits in a shopping basket wearing the name tag “Han Wooram” and points to Joon-soo as his father!

He then takes the baby home and tries to find the baby’s real parents. When he can’t find the parents, Joon-soo even tries to abandon the baby but always fails. He then takes the kid to school which causes further scandal and a suspension. But during this time an unexpected event occurs between Joon-soo and Woo-ram.

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Liyana Anuar said...

citer ni best~ :)

Miss N™ said...

mcm besttt..

Solehah Shamsuddin said...

tapi npe nur?

Chic Na said...

tak minat sgt korea. :P

RIZZNA said...

wayang ker??? tengok movie luar kt wayang. download jer, klau made in malaysia, ok

Miss Syahbanu said...

tak pernah tgk cite ni tp kenal dgn pelakonnyer..x silap ni cite lama dh..beberapa tahun lepas..

Mrs Velentine said...

best ker