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Saturday, September 1, 2012

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My Favourite Songs Since I'm Young

Assalamualaikum and hye everyone.

Long time I did't post my entry in English, right? Ok today, I wanna post an entry about my favourite songs since I'm young. Actually I'm shy to share these favourite songs because I think I'm a weird girl when I like these. But some of these songs are suitable for children too. Am I, right? I think maybe some of you same like me yeah. Peace! :)

a) Siti Nurhaliza songs.
- Although I'm still young, I can remember most of her songs. I know I'm not a talented child, so that I just sing it in bathroom only.haha hey, I know you laugh at me. Sure you have same hobby same like me too.haha

b) Patriotic songs, such as "Sejahtera Malaysia and "Lagu Negaraku".
- Download : CLICK :)

c) Nursery Rhyme, such as "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", "Bapaku Pulang Dari Kota" and "London Bridge is Falling Down".
- Its all because of my nursery. If I not there, I never know these songs. Sometime I weird, why were these songs written. Can someone tell me?

Before I end this entry, I wanna show a joke from an Indian girl singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in Indian version. Enjoy this funny video! ^_^

5 sweet comments:

Masha Meisters said...

lagu kereta tu febret....nyanyi gan adik mase kecik2...haha

Cik Fie said...

Apa Pendapat Kamu Pasal Kucing Ni ? :D

Chic Na said...

waa suka lagu london bridge falling down. lagu old skool tu. huhu..

Unknown said...

bapaku pulang dari kota, bapaku belikan kereta, kereta kecil warna merah, boleh ku bawa ke sekolah, pon pon pon pon pon pon pon pon pon kereta kecilku berbunyi, marilah adik mari naik, boleh ku bawa jumpa nenek..

hahaha.. hafal lagi lirik lagu tuh!!

Cikrosecute said...

hihihi ingat waktu kecik2 dulu...selalu nyanyi..