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Sunday, January 8, 2012

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♥PICNIK-Easily to Edit Picture♥

Go to .:PICNIK:.and click on the .:Get Started Now:. icon.

Input the required information to register.


  • Once a picture is uploaded to the site, it is brought to a page that has five tabs called Home, Library, Edit, Create, and Save & Share.
  • Your photo will start in the tab called Edit.
  • From here, Picnik makes it easy for everyday people to enhance their pictures, and have them ready to be exported to Facebook,MySpace or just the family computer.
  • If you are still having difficulties and have questions that need answering please contact me okay.



2 sweet comments:

9n0L4 said...

hehe. ape ni solehah. tak dpt tgk gmbr nye. ;)

Solehah Shamsuddin said...

@9n0L4 dlu kan solehah pnh terpadam semua gmbr dlm blog.jadi mcmni la jadinya.urm xleh jmpe pic nye dah :(