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Thursday, January 26, 2012

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A Letter for My Love


My love, this is first time I wrote a letter to u. 14.8.2011 until now, we just chat only. Now, I want u to hear a letter from me just for u. My love, I appreciate u so much from first time u come enter my life. I still remembered a funny question that u ask me, “Are you married?” I really shocked at that time because actually I not married yet. U ask me because I use status ‘enggaged’ on my facebook. Sorry for making u doubts from first we start being together. Now, this status just for u only. #blushing face :)

From first, I just think u as my facebook's friend only, not more than that. But from time to time, we chat more seriously. From that time, I know Allah send u just for me. Thanks Allah for send my love to me. We share happiness, funny n our problem together. And until now, we still contact. And I know all about u now. I know how to make u happy and I know how to make u angry. My love, I still remembered that u want learn my culture and my language. Oh, this make me happy to hear it. I appreciate u because u want to know me better. My love, I promise to u, after we married I’ll teach u all that u want. I also want to know your culture and language ya. Don’t forget. ^_^

From start your mom know me and see me, I become happy now. Although at that time, make me shy at her because it is first time I meet your mom through skype.hehe. Your mom really appreciate me much. Please mom, give your son to me for me to protect him much, I want your son be my husband. MOM,I LOVE YOU.

My love, don't worry anymore about my love heart just for u. I don't know how to explain it because you always in my heart. My love, I will protect our love forever. I promise to u.


My Love, I know sometime I hurted u much. But actually I not hurted u. U want know something? Hear to the video that I send to u at your yahoo email ok. Don't forget to save it in your heart. And what u must know, I do that video that come throughly from my heart.
See it! ^_^

One word that I really want say to u now.


Sincerely from : Solehah Shamsuddin.

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