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Friday, March 7, 2014

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Pretzels Almond Yang Paling Sedap


Last Sunday, 2 March 2014 I bought this pretzels from my sweet friend at Teluk Intan. These pretzels are delicious. I love it so much. Never regret to buy, I can finish eating this just for one day only. Haha tq darling.

Nice packing and unique.

I bought pretzels with almond. The taste you'll never forget.

Refubee Pretzels
snack | gift | wedding | party

W.M : RM10.00
E.M : RM11.00

Pretzels chocolate, pretzels hazelnut and pretzels almond.
If u want too, please contact Maryam Jameelah Kushairi. Please ask her to send for you.

8 sweet comments:

Chot said...

suka jgk pretzel..beli sndiri yg plain & celup choc.. nyummy

are_lin@yu said...

sedapnya tak pernah try lg ni

are_lin@yu said...

sedapnya tak pernah try lg ni

Liyana Anuar said...

macam sedap je tengok..huhu~

Zam said...

benda yang zam nak makan sgt akhir2 ni... yummy

are_lin@yu said...

solehah buku ammar tu harga asal rm26 masa bli ayu dpt diskaun 20%

Nurul Says said...

macam sedap ja

Chic Na said...

wahhh.. dah lama aim ni tp lum sempat beli.. hihi..