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Thursday, February 6, 2014

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Learn What In Islam (Part 1)

1. Which surah of the Quran is to be recited on the day of Jum'ah as a protection from Dajjal?

  • Surah Al-Kahf, Chapter 18, 10 verses

2. Which surah of the Quran ends with two prophets names?

  • Surah Al-A'la (Ayat : "Suhufi Ibrahima wa Musa"

3. The Quran mentions the incident of a prophet of Allah whose staff mirraculously turned into a serpant. What was his name?

  • Prophet Musa A.S

4. Which sahabi was known as the "Sword of Allah"?

  • Khalid Al-Waleed

5. At whose house did Nabi Muhammad stay when he first arrived in Madinah?

  • Abu Ayub Ansari R.A

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