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Monday, November 25, 2013

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Please Be Careful With My Heart Theme Song

Synopsis Please Be Careful With My Heart
A simple girl, Maya dela Rosa (Jodi Sta. Maria), her older sister, Cristina Rose, and Cristina's son are introduced as tour guides in their hometown of San Nicolas, with their mother runs a souvenir shop. Money is often less than the living expenses and household repairs. Cristina Rose hopes to work at sea, while Maya dreams of becoming a flight stewardess. One rainy night, after an attempt to fix the roof, Cristina breaks her leg and is thus unable to complete her schooling to become a seafarer. With a large medical bill, Maya deems it necessary to work overseas for two years to help her family. Upon arrival in Manila, Maya discovers that the woman who had offered work overseas had swindled her. Maya is stuck in Manila with no money or place to go. Relentless, Maya allows no one to stop her, not even the handsome, wealthy widower Richard Lim (Richard Yap), who reminds her of her shortcomings.
Ironically, Richard is her last hope because of his influence in the airline industry. He offers Maya to become his youngest daughter's (who has selective mutism) temporary nanny in exchange for his help. Maya agrees to become a maid and nanny in his household. Upon entering the Lim home, she finds herself involved in the private lives of Richard and his three problematic children: Luke (Jerome Ponce) Nikki (Janella Salvador) Abby (Mutya Orquia)
Maya realizes that since Richard's wife died, the family's joy died with her; hence their problems. Maya is tasked to bridge Richard to his children and eventually she succeeds in rebuilding the family. However, in repairing their broken hearts, Maya encounters bigger challenges that test her determination and, more importantly, her heart. While fulfilling her obligation, she falls in love with the Lim children and, admittedly, with Richard.

Please Be Careful With My Heart Theme Song
Full Album Track Theme Song

Jodi Sta.Maria - Kaba

Richard Yap - Sorry Na Pwede Ba
Richard Yap - The Way You Look Tonight
Jodi Sta.Maria - Torete
Richard Yap & Jodi Sta.Maria - When You Say Nothing At All

Richard Yap & Jodi Sta.Maria - Please Be Careful With My Heart

Sam Milby & Juris - Please Be Careful With My Heart

Aiza Seguerra - I'll Be There For You
 Richard Yap - When You Say Nothing At All

Kesemua video di atas adalah soundtrack drama Please Be Careful With My Heart. Sebenarnya saya nak post link untuk tengok drama ni, tapi link episod drama ni tak semua yang ada. Jadi korang boleh tengok drama ni setiap hari Isnin-Khamis, pukul 3.00 petang-4.00 petang di Tv3. Adakah korang juga peminat tegar drama Filipina seperti saya? ;)

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Azza Afdzal said...

best ker cite ney?? xpnh tgk pun sebab keje :)

Cik Nur™ said...

Dulu nur rajin jugak layan citer filiphina n korea...siap hafal2 lagi bahasa2 diorg....skrang ni, kureng..layan drama2 korea atau drama cina je...

Deqla Manjew said...

errkk.. x penah tau & x amek tau..sbb x minat.. haha...

Nyue said...

nyue ant. peminat fanatik drama ini :)