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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

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Tips : 25 Ways To Love Your Girlfriend / Wife

1. When you say goodbye, hug her for that extra moment, even if people are watching ♥
2. Make her feel important: Talk to her, sincerely ask her if she is alright if she seems sad or hurt ♥
3. Stand up for her ♥
4. Buy her something personal. Or, better yet, make her something ♥
5. If she tells you that she loves you, kiss her lightly, then whisper “I love you more” while you are still touching her lips ♥
6. Take her out, even not to an expensive dinner or the movies. Sometimes where you first met or a walk around the park can be very romantic ♥
7. Hold her hand when you’re with your friends ♥
8. Share inside jokes ♥
9. If there is a food she loves, buy it and surprise her ♥
10. Always call her back, even if it’s just to say I love you ♥
11. If she is lagging behind, pick her up in your arms and carry her ♥
12. Randomly give her a peck on the forehead, nose, cheek, etc. Randomly give her a peck on the forehead, nose, cheek, etc ♥
13. Look her deep in her eyes ♥
14. Gather her up in your arms and kiss the top of her head ♥
15. Love her at her worst ♥
16. Give her your sweatshirt and cuddle with her ♥
17. Pick her up and spin her around ♥
18. Laugh with her, not at her ♥
19. Listen to music with her, and with same headphones, of course! ♥
20. Listen to everything she says ♥
21. Tell her how much you love her ♥
22. Always ask her what would make her happy that you could do ♥
23. If you start fighting stop and say i love you and im sorry can we stop fighting please ♥
24. NEVER tell her she’s ugly, fat, etc. (even if you’re joking) !!!
25. When a girl is mad at you , you never stop talking to her even if she’s says go away or I never want to talk to you again never stop talking to her and saying sorry for what you have done...

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Unknown said...

menarik nih.. nak kena bagi incek hubby bacalah.. hihi..

kayyana said...

so sweet.. thanks solehah.

Mrs Velentine said...

ada yang hubby selalu buat

Miss N™ said...

nice tips.. :)

dya nasir said...

Nice tips ;)

Puan Ida said...

tips yg menarik
TQ for sharing
salam perkenalan dari ida
jemput singgah blog ida ye
dah follow blog ni no;1157

9n0L4 said...

thumb up. good tips. hehehehe. :)