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Monday, October 28, 2013

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Black Hummer Limousine


Before this, I have been asking my Facebook friends about :
"Kereta ni dah sama macam hotel. Siapa pandai, cuba teka kereta apa ni?"

The answer is Black Hummer Limousine.

The beautiful Black Hummer Limousine is perfect for cruising to clubs, enjoying the sites in your city, or for taking your friends gambling at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood Florida. Our courteous and professional chauffeurs will drive you to your destination safely and in style with this sharp black Hummer limo. This limousine features luxurious leather seating, lighted ceilings, a few wet bars, several LCD screens, DVD players, fiber and led optic lighting, AM/FM CD players with Mp3/iPod inputs, and a superb quality sound system. Black Hummer Limos for all ares in the United States, makes every effort to exceed your wildest imagination.

3 sweet comments:

Deqla Manjew said...

dah tau jawapannya..sbb tgk tajuk entry.. hihi..hebak giler ar.. mewah sungguh... bila tgk ketanya mcm pelik..sbb pjg..haha

Cinta Misteri said... kat Malaysia mmg tak boleh ada kenderaan mcm ni, especially Caravan yg mcm kt overseas tu diorg wat rumat bergerak

Cik Nur™ said...


best betoiii!