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Be Careful With My Heart Full Episodes


This is a story about a simple girl MAYA DELA ROSA (Jodi Sta. Maria) who journeys to the big city to follow her dreams to become a flight stewardess to help her family.  She would allow no one to stop her, not even the handsome, wealthy widower RICHARD LIM (Richard Yap), who threatens to ruin her dreams.

Ironically, Richard is her last hope in reaching her dreams because of his influence in the Airline Industry and he will only help Maya if she agrees to become his children’s temporary nanny.

Maya succumbs to the condition. But upon entering the Lim Mansion, she finds herself involved in the private lives of Richard and his three problematic children LUKE (Jerome Perez), NIKKI (Janella Salvador) and ABIGAIL (Mutya Orquia).

Maya sees that there are problems to be solved in the Lim family because since Richard’s wife died, the family’s joy died with her.  And so Maya took it upon herself to bridge Richard to his children.  And eventually, she succeeds in rebuilding the Lim family.

However, in repairing their broken hearts, Maya encounters bigger challenges that will test her strength and will challenge even her own heart.  Because she falls in love with the kids and with Richard himself.


JODI STA. MARIA as Maya Dela Rosa

At 25, Maya is a simple, idealistic provincial girl who dreams of becoming a flight stewardess but in a twist of events ends up becoming a nanny for a wealthy family in Manila . She took the job in exchange of an educational scholarship from her boss, Richard Lim. She is very family-oriented and will do everything to make her family's life in the province comfortable. She has an innocent charm, yet confident, and has a very positive attitude in life.

RICHARD YAP as Richard Lim

He is the owner and president of the famous Lim Aviation Services, an aircraft maintenance repair and overhaul business. Known for being a cold, harsh and strict boss, he has one son and two daughters namely: Luke, Nikki and Abby. A widow of 5 years, losing his wife Alexandra to cancer, he hires Maya to take care of his youngest daughter after she rescues Abby from an incident at the airport. Maya endearingly calls him "Sir Chief."


When his mom died, Luke became the silent and rebellious eldest child. Aloof as he may seem, he cares for the welfare of his sisters but he tries to hide it if he can.


She is the middle child and the spitting-image of her mother. After the death of her mom, Nikki tries to overcompensate for her loss and tries to take charge of her siblings. She always yearns for her father's attention and she has taken a dislike for Maya, Abby's noisy, new nanny.


The youngest of the brood, Abby had difficulty expressing herself when her mother passed away. Richard has spoiled Abby and she has become overly sensitive when she hears fights and arguments in the family. The Lim's have hired a lot of nannies in the past and no one lasted even a week because of Abby's difficult ways. But when Maya saves her from an accident at the airport, Abby finds an instant ally in the simple girl from Mindoro.

AIZA SEGUERRA as Cristina Rose Dela Rosa (aka Kute)

Kute (short for Kuya-Ate) is Maya's older sister and partner-in-crime. For years, Maya has been the keeper of Kute's secrets, including the identity of her son Cho's father. Now, it's her turn to keep Maya's secret of not working abroad after getting duped by an illegal recruiter.

SYLVIA SANCHEZ as Teresita Dela Rosa

She is the very protective mother of Kute and Maya. She is always on the look out for her children specially because they grew up without a father. Maya keeps the truth about her employment a secret from Teresita knowing her mother will be worrying about her condition in Manila.

DIVINA VALENCIA as Mamang Dela Rosa

She's Maya's grandmother, who is frank and speaks whatever is on her mind. She is a big help with the family's souvenir business but has a bit of difficulty hearing. She also looks after the welfare of her grandchildren and great-grandchild.


Gloria Sevilla as Manang Fe - Ser Chief's nanny when he was young and the longest nanny in the Lim family.
JM Ibañez as Pocholo "Cho/Junior Pards" Macavinta - Kute's son and Mamang and Teresita's grandson and also Jeff's son.
Tart Carlos as Doris - Sabel's close friend and a maid (later Abby's nanny) in the Lim family.
Vivieka Ravanes as Sabel - Doris' close friend and a maid in the Lim family.
Micah Muñoz as Joma - The driver of the Lim family.
Paul Jake Castillo as Simon - Maya's friend and in love with her.
Nathan Lopez as Emman - Maya's gay friend and also classmate.
Marlo Mortel as Nicolo Angelo Cortez - Luke's friend, who makes fun of Nikki.
Claire Ruiz as Josephine "Joey" Acosta - Luke's girlfriend, but later broke up with him when she didn't pass the entrance test for the college she wanted to go into.
Marc Carlos de Leon as Inigo - Luke and Nicolo's enemy.
Mai-Mai Adriano as Megan - Nikki's classmate and school friend.
Abigail Francisco Macapagal as Stacy - Nikki's classmate and school friend.
 Kelly Gwayne dela Cruz as Aira - Nicolo's bestfriend/girlfriend.
Arvic Tan as Louie - Luke and Nicolo's friend.
Hazel Faith Dela Cruz as Edz Viray - A flight Attendant and Maya's friend.
Sier Edward Atienza Lao, Jade Gultiano, Pol Aron Casas, Erwin Strydom and Prince Ivan Nacachi asTropa ni Iñigo - Iñigo's bad influenced friends.
Jeremiah "Bagito" Roxas as Ron-Ron - Bullied Cho at first, later became friends.


Tom Rodriguez as Jeff "Pards" Macavinta - Kute's friend and Cho's father.
Assunta de Rossi as Katrina "Ina" Ruiz - Maya's boss and has a crush on Richard.
Kalila Aguilos as Lisa - Ser Chief's secretary.
Johan Santos as Wilson de Juan - Maya's straight classmate guy and also works at the airport.
Diamond Shen as Jonah - Maya's classmate.
Vandolph Quizon as Lino - Jeff's cousin who also work in the karinderia.
Robert Ortega as Fred - Ser Chief's assistant but moved and work to another company.
Ya Chang as Engineer Yamaguchi - Ser Chief's worker at the airplane industry.
Jerico Redrico as Lloyd.
Pinky Amador as Zenaida Belmonte - Maya's terror teacher in her training school.
Cris Villanueva as Ryan Molina - Richard's friend and attorney.
Terence Baylon as Elmer - Driver of a neighboring house near the Lim household. Sabel and Doris' crush.
Mark Luz as Engineer Gutierrez.


Sunshine Garcia as Stephanie.
Noel Trinidad as Don Roberto Lim - Richard's father and Luke, Nikki and Abby's grandfather.
Marissa Delgado as Donya Esmeralda Lim - Richard's mother and Luke, Nikki and Abby's grandmother.
Nick Lizaso as Don Julio Demornay.
Joyce So as Anna Martinez.
Dionne Monsanto as Teacher Emy - Abby's homeschool teacher in the first episode.
Jed Montero as Teacher May Anne.
Bianca Saldua as Monica - Maya's friend.
Melai Cantiveros as Cleopatra / Gemma.
Karen Leslie Dematera as Gina.
Princess Manzon as Karisa.
Agatha Tapan as Yaya Melinda.
Cai Cortez as Luisa.
Meg Imperial as Sarah.
Andre Tiangco as Airline Purser.
AJ Muhlach as Amiel Sebastian - Senior transferee in Nikki's school.
Jomari Umpa as Pao.
Bodjie Pascua.
Irma Adlawan.
Lollie Mara.


Luis Manzano as James Luis Ventura - A pilot who works for Time Airways, Maya's friend and likes Maya. He is also the son of the CEO of Time Airways.
Maricar Reyes as Rafaella "Rafi" Alcantara- Ser Chief's bestfriend and always support Richard about his love life and Maya.
Edward Mendez as Charlie Ramirez - Rafi's boyfriend.
Sunshine Cruz as Alexandra "Alex" Lim - Richard's wife and Luke, Nikki and Abby's mom, died on an airplane crash.
Pen Medina as Arturo dela Rosa - Kute and Maya's father and Teresita's husband, but broke up with him when he was addicted to drugs.
Ping Medina as young Arturo.
Beauty Gonzales as young Teresita.
Regine Tolentino as Corrine Celeste - Maya and Richard's wedding planner.
John Arcilla as Wedding Priest.
Jose Mari Chan as Wedding Singer.
Kazel Kinouchi as Georgina.

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